ABN 10th Annual Conference-Ethical Challenges in Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has identified ethical challenges that arise when a health care system is stretched to its limits in providing care. Health professionals, social workers, and the public have faced these challenges. Healthcare professionals saw an increase in suicides or burnout,  and they have expressed concern at the lack of support for mental/behavioral health needs for their members. The dynamics of healthcare changed during the pandemic through its extensive reliance on telemedicine. Some challenges are persistent, such as questions of suitable research subjects, the use of genomic data, and difficulties placing children in treatment facilities. We've invited speakers to share their knowledge of the ethical challenges that can arise in the treatment, access to resources, stigmatization, and research of mental illness. 

Earn 5 CME, CNE, or ACE, as well as IPCE by participating in this conference online and completing the evaluation forms afterward. The cost to attend the conference is $45 if you require CEUs or $25 if you do not.



Conference Highlights