Conscience Objection

We've had two webinars recently on conscience objection related to the new HHS regulations protecting them. There have been two instances in Arizona recently where a pharmacist has refused to provide the medication prescribed to a patient. One script was for the "morning-after" pill, while the other was for hormone therapy for a person transitioning. Do you think the pharmacist(s) had the right to refuse to provide the medication?

Arizona Prisons' Boss to Testify at Contempt Hearing

In May 2016 in response to a class-action lawsuit that protested the poor health care of Arizona's prisoners, a federal judge ordered the State of Arizona to meet settlement requirements for deadlines for providing medication and having prisoners seen by health providers. Arizona recently admitted that it had 1900 instances of non-compliance in December and January alone.

Local activist hands out pillows to highlight Arizona jail healthcare

Sue Ellen Allen, a local activist, hands out pillows to Arizona lawmakers to highlight the difficulties women face in Arizona prisons/jails with receiving health care and health products. The pillows were made of femine hygiene products because until recently women held in confinement in Arizona were allowed only twelve pads a month for menstrual cycles and tampons had to be purchased from the central supply. What are your thoughts on healthcare for Arizona inmates?

Prison doctor charges poor medical care to inmates

The Arizona Republic and KJZZ have jointly reported on claims that Corizon Correctional Center has refused medical care to patients to avoid fines for non-compliance with judge's order. Have you had any experience as a health care provider with patients brought to you from the prison system?

The Opioid Crisis: Will Unconscious Bias Prevent Patients from Receiving Pain Meds?

Unconscious Bias

Our webinar on February 21, 2018 discussed unconscious bias using case studies of sickle cell disease patients in a vaso-occlusive crisis to view the opioid crisis and The Arizona Opioid Epidemic Act, particularly when a patient presents in pain. Will unconscious bias, or institutional or public health concerns, pressure the physician to avoid prescribing opioids? What does your institution do to educate practicing physicians and students to be aware of their own unconscious biases?

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