Highlights: 4th Annual Conference

The Fourth Annual Conference of the Arizona Bioethics Network (ABN) took place on April 11, 2014 at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center in Tempe, AZ. Approximately 70 members of  ABN were in attendance. The theme of the conference was "Courage and Compassion in Healthcare".

Attendees were asked to share memorable ethical challenges as they registered. During the first part of the conference, attendees participated in a facilitated table discussion of these challenges or others they may have experienced. The discussion set the stage for our first keynote speaker, Françoise Baylis. 

Francoise Baylis, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Bioethics and Philosophy at Dalhousie University, spoke on the topic  "Are There Heroes in Bioethics?" She challenged the attendees to consider that, “… those who engage in ethics consultation have a responsibility to take clear moral positions on matters of injustice and to work toward making health care institutions, practices, and policies more just in their impact on individuals and groups.” (Sherwin S, Baylis F. 2003. The Feminist Health Care Ethics Consultant as Architect and Advocate. Public Affairs Quarterly 17(2):  141-158.)rc

In the afternoon, Shad Meshad, founder and co-author of the VA’s Vet Center Program and founder of the National Veterans Foundation, addressed "Compassion Fatigue: Caring for Caregivers."the natural consequent behavior and emotions that result from the  knowledge about a traumatizing event experienced by a significant other.It is the stress resulting from helping or wanting to help a traumatized person."

Thanks and acknowledgement go to the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics at Arizona State University for funding and providing in-kind support to Arizona Bioethics Network, Hospice of the Valley that graciously provided the CME/CNEs, Marsha Kabat at Hospice of the Valley, who worked to make sure our conference complied for accreditation, and the Annual Conference Committee of the ABN Board of Directors who included Tara Radke, Jill Logan, Althea Halchuck, and Barbara Fargotstein.