Past Webinars

Thursday Jul 16th, 2015—12:00pm
From Accused to Advocate
Barbara Mancini, RN

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Barbara Mancini has been a nurse for over three decades. In this webinar she describes her experience in 2013 when she was arrested and prosecuted in Pennsylvania on the charge of aiding the attempted suicide of her dying 93-year old father after handing him his prescribed morphine four days before his death. 

Thursday Jun 18th, 2015—12:00pm to 1:00pm
Valuing Personhood in Dementia: Considerations for Humane and Dignified Care
Maribeth Gallagher, DNP, FAAN

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Maribeth Gallagher, DNP, FAAN, serves as director of the dementia program at Hospice of the Valley and speaks on "Valuing Personhood in Dementia: Considerations for Humane and Dignified Care" in our June 18 webinar.

Thursday May 21st, 2015—12:00pm to 1:00pm
Competent persons deciding to stop eating and drinking: Should we intervene?
Sarah Bird, VP Clinical Operations, Hospice of the Valley

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Thursday Mar 19th, 2015—12:00pm to 1:00pm
Ethics in Palliative Care: Dispelling the Myths
Steven Oppenheim MD FAAHPM Palliative Care Medical Director at Banner Thunderbird Hospital

Steven Oppenheim, MD, the Palliative Care Medical Director at Banner Thunderbird Hospital, clears up some misconceptions about palliative care in this webinar.

Thursday Feb 19th, 2015—12:00pm
Too Young to Say No: Forcing Minors to Undergo Treatment They Don’t Want
James Bowen

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In our February webinar, James Bowen will discuss the discuss legal and ethical considerations in requiring minor patients to undergo medical treatment against their wishes.

Thursday Jan 15th, 2015—12:00pm to 1:00pm
Bioethics 101
Jason Robert, PhD (Please note that all slides are reviewed at end There was a technical issue in the recording)

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Download: PDF icon Bio101chat.pdf

Jason Robert, PhD, presents some of the foundations of bioethics.

Thursday Dec 18th, 2014—12:00pm to 1:00pm
Connecting with Difficult Patients
Christy A Rentmeester, PhD

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Christy A Rentmeester, PhD, Associate Professor of Health Policy and Ethics at the Creighton University School of Medicine speaks on Connecting with the Difficult Patient


Thursday Nov 20th, 2014—12:00pm to 1:00pm
Is it Ever Ethical to Override the Patient’s Treatment Preferences? Two Cases
Pete Hedrick, M.S, DO, DAAHPM, DAAPM

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Thursday Oct 16th, 2014—12:00pm to 1:00pm
Case Study: Informed Assent
Rebecca B. Yarrison, PhD

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Rebecca B. Yarrison, PhD, Asst. Professor, Bioethics at University of Kentucky College of Medicine, will present a case on Informed Assent.

Thursday Aug 21st, 2014—7:30am
Conflict Resolution
Sandy Silva, JD

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Download: PDF icon ABN Aug 2014.pdf

Thursday Jul 17th, 2014—7:30am
Arizona Medical Marijuana and the Practitioner
Andrew Myers

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Download: PDF icon MedMarijuana.pdf, Plain text icon chat0717.txt

Andrew Myers will present on the effects the medical marijuana laws have on physicians and other health practitioners in Arizona.

Thursday Jun 19th, 2014—7:30am
Brain death and futility
Thaddeus Pope, JD

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Thaddeus Pope, JD, Director of the Health Law Institute at Hamline University and adjunct Associate Professor of Law at Albany Medical College, where he teaches for the Alden March Bioethics Institute will be speaking on "Brain Death and Futility" for this webinar.


Thursday May 15th, 2014—7:30am
Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Emily Zaragoza, MD

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Thursday Apr 17th, 2014—3:45pm
Ethical Considerations in Telemedicine
Elizabeth Krupinski, MD

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Download: PDF icon Ethical Considerations in Telemedicine.pdf

Thursday Mar 20th, 2014—3:45pm
Public Health Emergency Ethics
Daniel Orenstein, JD

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Download: PDF icon Orenstein - PHE Ethics (ABN Webinar).pdf


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October 2012: The Patient-Practitioner Relationship and Conscientious Refusal
Bruce D. White, MD

November 2012: Decision-making for Patients with Declining Capacity
Jalayne J. Arias, JD, MA

January 2013: Ethical Issues to Consider in Terminal Psychiatric Cases
JA Moore, DHCE and GG Enck, PhD

March 2013: Exploring the Nature and Meaning of Medical Futility: A Case Involving a Neurologically Devastated 2 Year Old
Rebecca L Volpe, PhD

May 2013: Who Owns My Organs: Ethical Considerations in Organ and Tissue Donation
Sara Pace Jones and Patricia Pace Anderson