Arizona Bioethics Network

Creating a space to explore ethical issues and share knowledge and skills across an extended network.

Arizona Bioethics Network

Creating a space to explore ethical issues and share knowledge and skills across an extended network.

Our Current Focus

Provide ethics resources with particular attention to those affecting Arizonans.

Foster the work and use of ethics committees in health care and biomedical research settings.

Focus on the role of leadership, preventive ethics, and conflict management in ethical decision-making.


Arizona Bioethics Network (ABN) is dedicated to increasing the understanding of bioethical issues. ABN provides access to resources, offers educational programs, and provides networking opportunities with the goal of improving the health and quality of life for individuals and across communities.


Innovation – Explore change and creatively engage with dynamic bioethical challenges

Integrity – Commit to honest and inclusive principles of practice in the care of individuals and communities

Quality – Deliver leading edge programs and services

Collaboration – Create a network to enhance collaboration within the community

Inclusion – Provide opportunities on a broad spectrum to enhance perspective with regard for the diversity of constituencies we serve


ABN hosts a monthly webinar series addressing a wide variety of topics in bioethics and health law. These webinars are free and take place on the third Wednesday of every month.

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Bioethics in Neurosurgery: More than Informed Consent

January 18th, 2022 — 4:00pm to 5:00pm (MST/AZ Time)

Margot Kelly-Hedrick and Sasha White

There are many ethical issues that can arise when a patient is referred to a neurosurgeon. Beyond informed consent, how does the neurosurgeon recognize these issues and respond to them? Ethical issues can arise in the clinic, during a scheduled operation, or in the trauma bay of the emergency department. How does one deliver care in an equitable and just way? What are the ethical challenges in recruiting a patient for research? Who are the stakeholders in neurosurgical care and how can they work together?


Details Coming Soon

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